Friday, February 02, 2007


The Laver

Since I have been talking about John the Baptist, In the study on the Tabernacle that I am doing, it is revealed how the priest had to be consecrated at his ordination with a bath, not just hands and feet. The basin at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting was called the laver and was the instrument for the ceremony. Never before did I realize why Jesus had to be baptized by John. He said, “It becometh us to fulfil all righteousness.” ~Matthew 3:15
Jesus, the High Priest, was at His ordination, being consecrated for His three short years in ministry. There would be no law left undone for He came to fulfill the law! The Jordan River had become the laver for the kingdom of God was at hand! The Jordon River was where the object picture, the basin at the entrance to the Tabernacle, had been pointing. God the Son was bathed for service, set apart and holy in the Truest sense. As the Passover lambs were kept for observance, to be sure no imperfection surfaced, thus, Jesus would be watched with the closest scrutiny for fault. A slip of the tongue in an angry rebuttal, a fall into temptation to overuse His godly power, any evidence of imperfection would break the new covenant He came to make. Never has anyone been more scrutinized, tested even unto death…yet lived the purest, this Lamb of whitest fleece, perfectly holy, if you can imagine it, LIFE.

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