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Truth That Transforms

“Born again” are the words of Jesus, not a modern slang of crazed charismatics! Dr. D. James Kennedy has spoken on the doctrine, saying how one of the greats of church history, George Whitefield, frequently settled on the words, “Ye must be born again.” Kennedy then underlines the point with a pointed expression: “Born once, die twice; born twice, die once. The second death is referring to the Judgment of God when the separation between heaven and hell will be final. But here, the focus is on Jesus’ words to Nicodemus in John’s third chapter of his Gospel. “I tell you the truth, no one can see the Kingdom of God, unless he is born again.” (v. 3)
Leafing through a new book we just acquired yesterday, The Truth That Transformed Me, on the life of Dr. Kennedy, my eyes, by no coincidence, fell on a bulleted list of explanations of what many consider a deep mystery. Even Nicodemus, who truly understood God’s Word and knew the Law and Prophets well, was stymied by Jesus’ statement! He could only picture physical birth because, not unlike contemporary church goers, his world was physical. Jesus’ birth was physical, out of the spiritual realm and into ours. Thing is, God's Son did not lose His spirit eyes. Bless His soul, He was often taken aback by our adherence to physical laws of nature. Much like Christian evolutionists, God, in their thinking, surely used natural processes to make such an amazing creation. What they don’t realize is how like Nicodemus they are, unable to see the supernatural, miraculous possibilities in this narrow way of thinking and seeing. Did Jesus God somehow naturally resurrect Himself from death or can it be explained that He never actually died, quite, all the way dead? Science surely could discover how that all came about, yes? You see, thinking becomes very narrow without God's Spirit eyes.

So here is my first thought on born again. It is a spiritual birth which requires entering the spiritual life, which knows no physical bounds! It is the beginning of a new life, actually seeing from God’s perspective. Of course, at first, we don’t see very clearly, we have short memory and we are exceedingly vulnerable! Newborns need to be fed and require care and protection. The fellowship with hopefully more developed children of God is not optional. I found great nourishment in the speakers and writers who have reached the masses with a more tested teaching. Most of all, the Word must become your measure of Truth. Back to The Truth That Transformed Me.

Mary Lou Davis quoted Dr. Kennedy’s ideas of what happens when we leave one life behind and enter a new life. It is a specific moment of commitment and turning. It is a change of heart, mind, soul and strength.
· It means you have decided to open up to trusting God and hearing His Truth.
· It means you repent; that is, you willingly turn from whatever might displease God to a life of trying wholeheartedly to make the Father happy, so we might hear one day, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
· Repentance reveals your need to be saved. So born again is trusting Jesus’ death and resurrection really happened in history and has the supernatural power to save you. Nothing else will!
· Deciding to turn, change, believe is one thing. Born again also is when the Holy Spirit brings new life and new power to “ride the wave”, to be carried, driven, controlled by your new Lord. Jesus is now and forever Lord of your life! Everything you see, hear, think and do is to be handed over in prayer and submission. This is what is meant by relationship. You have been born into God’s world. The Bible calls it Kingdom. Picture a newborn opening its eyes for the first time! SEE God’s loving face!

This is not the quoted text from the book, by the way. I have expounded as in, got carried away a bit! The new realm of existence is where many people don’t see, even nominal Christians; Nicodemus had never seen it, as much as he had given thought to God, until he met Christ Jesus.

I know this is not related to your original post, but if you are interested in biblical studies or in Christianity in general you have to check out Jesus Family Tomb. This totally amazing movie is coming out talking about Jesus as a husband AND a father!! Unbelievable.

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Whatever. You have encouraged me to continue a query begun yesterday at my workplace, "Whether Jesus bodily resurrected or only in spirit, why is that important?"
So beginning in March, my other blog, God Still Speaks, will attempt to answer.
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