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Jewish Passover

The timing of Jesus’ death is so perfect, it could either sway you to one or the other side of the line Edith Schaeffer has as a running theme in Christianity Is Jewish. You could believe with increased conviction because God’s amazing sovereignty shines through the fact that the Lamb of God was slain at Passover, fitting with the foreshadowing of the coming Messiah, Whose blood would protect the trusting, believing sons of men from death. This Passover Feast was different because this time, the blood of the Lamb would be painted on the door frames of hearts, shielding the believer from the angel of death, forever…thus the first Communion: Eat the bread representing Christ’s broken body; drink the wine as a symbol of the blood of the new covenant.

“As often as ye eat this bread and drink this cup, you show forth the Lord’s death until He comes.” (Again) ~1Corinthians 12:26

Here’s the rub. As I understand a recent commenter of Jewish descent…the timing is SO perfect, it reeks of fraud and conspiracy. Sincerely, human beings, particularly as a group/nation/religion, could never, never pull off such a perfect scheme. Don’t forget…this is NOT a fairy tale. Much of the historical data and archeological finds are perfectly in line with the events recorded in the gospels.

The very reason for this blog is to show over and over the hundreds of puzzle pieces that fit regarding the Old Testament Messiah concealed (yet promised) and the New Testament Messiah revealed (derived from a St. Augustine quote: OT is the NT concealed, NT is the OT revealed) All things told, if there is any conspiracy at all, it is a supernatural one. Men would blow the cover, make mistakes, and with the numbers of enemies actually trying to do just that, surely it would have gone amuck. But instead, many died in god-forsaken ways because they refused to change their story. It can only be true.

The Lamb was sacrificed at a perfect time--Jewish Passover. “For Christ, our Passover Lamb, has been sacrificed. Therefore let us keep the Festival, not with the old yeast, the yeast of malice and wickedness, but with bread without yeast, the bread of sincerity and truth.” ~1Corinthians 5:76-78

the blood on the door frame (wood) was the image of the blood of the LAMB on the stake (wood). The blood on the doorframe in Egypt sent the Angel of Death to spare the House of Israel. The blood of the Lamb on the stake stop the Angel of Death from destroying Israel because of their failure to keep their side of the Covenant. This is the true Gospel: Israel has been REDEEMED. The Glory 0f G-D is confirmed. HE is not a liar, He kept His oaths of salvation to Israel.

My name is Anders and I would like to comment on your writings.

The book that you are reading is claiming that Christianity is Jewish. This is a belief that many have and since that belief has such big consequence both for this life and the eternal life, it is really important to determine whether it is true or not.

According to the prophecies of the Hebrew Bible [which includes the ‘books of Moses’ and writings of the Jewish prophets], the Jewish Mashiach [‘Messiah’] came and was killed in the first century C.E [Documentation: Link]. According to the prophecies of the Hebrew Bible, he and his followers would be Torah-observant – i.e. observant of the military style orders of the ‘books of Moses’ [including the prohibition to eat pork and shellfish] – and would teach Torah-observance to mankind [Documentation: Link].

If Christianity is Jewish as you implied, then the ‘Messiah’ which Christianity teaches about must fulfil the above criteria. Comparing the Torah with the NT one finds out that the ‘Messiah’ of the NT contradicts the teachings of the Jewish Mashiach of the Hebrew Bible about how to enter into a relationship with the Creator. The Torah teaches that doing ones utmost to keep the military style orders of Torah is a requirement in order for the Creator to bestow His forgiveness in His loving kindness for ones previous Torah-transgressions. Thus, according to the prophecies of the Hebrew Bible, this is what the first century Jewish Mashiach would have taught. The‘Messiah’ of the NT teaches in contradiction to this. [Documentation: Link. This demonstrates that Christianity isn’t Jewish, and furthermore, according to Torah, adhering to the Torah-rejection endorsed by Christianity, will never lead a person into a relationship with the Creator.

Rabbi Y’hoshua – the first century Jewish Mashiach – taught this: “Ash’rei′hëm (“May they be happy”) who hunger and thirst after tz’dâqâh [righteousness as it is definied by Torah], for they shall be filled of it” (Netzairm Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityahu [More info: Link] 5.1). This has been my goal for more than four years and I have truly experienced those words to be true. I know – since I know what the Hebrew Instruction Manual of the Creator called the Torah teaches - that if you also start following these guidelines, you will also enter into an authentic and immensely meaningful relationship with the Creator.

Anders Branderud”
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