Thursday, June 23, 2005


The Old, Old Story 2

My children are grown young men…they have been told the Story. I’m sad they don’t want me telling them stories anymore. I’m sad the state of Christianity’s church is complex, racked with intellectual-ism, humanistic overdoses of analysis. Are we beyond reasoning? Is simple child-like faith and understanding forever fallen, never to return to the tree, the vine? My sons question everything…the phenomenon is not new but I’m sure it is more persistent. We, the people, have collectively done what was expected in the past; gone for an education, gone to war, accepting the responsibilities of adulthood. The sixties to the present has shattered that kind of obedient living and now, all options are on the table…and they stay on the table. Switching majors, changing schools, swapping jobs, spouses, even adoptions are negotiable. If it ain’t perfect, delete it. Such a restlessness, in politics, the teaching profession, sports teams—honor, duty, and faithfulness replaced with filibusters, strikes, and rapid morphing home teams. This isn’t just finger pointing. My grandmother had a routine, which kept the home I grew up in running like clockwork. Me? Routine? I blame it on my creative streak but I honestly don’t know very many, (any?) who wash on Monday, iron Tuesday, sew on Wednesday…wash the walls down? Spring-cleaning? Too drastic? Let’s shoot for cooking! These losses we call freedoms have been coming for a while…and this is where we are now. It is very pronounced in our world of words. The cards are on the table--every random card.

If only we could remember the stories. The intensity of Abraham’s faith, the trust of Isaac to believe and obey his father, the glorious release when they looked together at the ram standing there with his horn caught in the thorns. If we could see God’s amazing, sovereign power to offer the vision thousands of years before sweet Jesus stood with His crown of mercy. Capture the moment! Tell the story too amazing to be true. Question it if you must…but don’t stop there. Wait for the answer. Accept the destiny. Let go of the restlessness…it is too powerful to deny…too real to fake. Told by different biblical authors, many generations apart…the Lamb came for His children.

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