Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The Old, Old Story

This is kind of a continuation from Lie Down…the theme is Genesis 22.
“The story needed to be recorded so that each generation could relive this moment with fresh understanding. The historic event that was to take place in a few moments as to picture a reality that would some day take place in the very middle of all history, so that everyone could be taken off the altar even a Isaac ‘escaped’ that day. A substitution was to take place, which would teach people what God’s solution to the spoiled universe and to man’s sin was all about. A substitution [at Mount Moriah, in a spot called by Abraham, Jehovah-Jireh—God will provide] would make the Truth clear to those who needed to wait patiently for the future fulfillment, believing with a measure of understanding. This same [event] would also make the truth clear to those who would be looking back at history, as we are now.” (Christianity is Jewish, p 45)
These are the words of Edith Schaeffer. As the blossoms fell from the locust tree, I had a profound sense of things forever being finished…those very same blossoms won’t ever return. (and how I love that scent) Hope of heaven lying dormant for a moment as I sank into sadness. Words are precious like that sometimes. Mrs. Schaeffer will move on to be with her husband but here, she was expressing such beautiful, simple truth. Abraham and Isaac, for the intensity of the moment, could never lose the memory. The story was told over and over to every generation. This is God’s intent for us, as families…to tell the old, old story. It should have naturally gone by way of the blossoms but instead, God gives us, in our day, the whole story. God has given us vivid pictures…on this mountain, Calgary or Golgotha, Moriah, Jehovah-Jireh. Many names, one place where God’s Son would be on the verge of death too, but no substitute came because Jesus was the Lamb, or ram (a grown male) provided…so we could all escape payment, death itself…only believe the story.

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