Tuesday, July 19, 2005


A Christian Manifesto

Click on July 19, 2005 on the calendar to hear Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer speaking at Coral Ridge over twenty years ago. His talk is very much in line with my recent posts on theocracy and the resistence theory. It was a storm warning then...the storm is here, friends.

The Websters' New World Dictionary, of 1986 origin, defines theocracy as 1. lit., the rule of a state by God or a god. 2. government by priests claiming to rule by divine authority. 3. a country governed in this way.
Dr. Schaeffer defiantly opposes a theocracy in this speech.

Other than the danger of men "claiming divine authority", which seems a contradiction to the first definition, I have yet to understand the aversion to it! As a Christian nation, is this not exactly what we are asking? Return the rule and authority back to God, in His Word! The third definition, "...governed in this way." Which way is that? I choose door number one, please.

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