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The Final Answer

This is the final response in this series from a discussion essay for a class at Geneva College. These students are really thinking, not that there is any favoritism here! ; ) This will hopefully give you something to chew on since I won't be getting to my computer for a few days. I will read all your wonderful comments then! To the essay:

Yeah, I hear what you’re saying and I agree. I thought Nancy Pearcy’s lecture was pretty good, although even she didn’t quite stress why it is important for us to learn about worldviews. I know it gets pretty difficult for me to keep hearing about all these other worldviews, and how they fit into Christianity. I feel that the point they should be making should apply to both religious and non-religious people. They should stress a little more strongly the point that a Biblical worldview is not only important to a Christian, but also holds up well logically for non-Christians. Even a non-religious person should be taught to appreciate the consistency of the Bible and what it teaches. To me, it is not only important to study how each other worldview answers the basic questions of life. It is even more important to show where each of these other worldviews falls short when examined thoroughly. Then it is important to show us how the Biblical worldview has an answer to each of those questions, where all the other worldviews fail. I feel that all of those other worldviews are created by man, and are therefore incomplete and ultimately fail in answering any of life’s questions.

Submitted by cwv's son, a third year student.


Nancy Pearcey's Visit Opens Eyes

The response here is labored because the author is "not a very religious person". But, he does agree with the ideas put forth here, that too much stress is put on worldviews and introspection in their studies. The question remains, "How do these views follow the Bible?" Nancy Pearcey's lecture followed this train of thought and effectively got the idea across to her audience; "many eyes were opened", he says. Her expose on life views revealed how they "fit into Christianity" and how other popular worldviews compare. As a class study, world views are not yet easy to decipher. Knowing that they exist and that everyone has one is a start, concludes the student.

This response paraphrased from a classmate's writing.


To Every Part, a Purpose

Yeah, I think you got my point exactly. You made a real key point in identifying the Bible as absolute truth. That’s why it worries me a great deal when I hear anybody dismissing a part of it as fiction. I think in order to keep our biblical framework strong, you have to accept the entire Bible as absolute truth. You also made a good point about the mind sometimes misinterpreting that truth. I think all of our human minds are fallible, and should not be trusted. That is why I think the Biblical worldview is the only true worldview that can stay consistent in all of its major points. Many worldviews are merely creations of the human mind, which changes constantly according to its surroundings and can not be trusted. Building your framework out of the human mind’s creation is like trying to build your house on a pool of silly putty. Your analogy to us as walking cathedrals is a good one. Cathedrals are built so that everything in their structure has a purpose, just as everything in our worldviews has a purpose. That is to hold the rest of it together and strengthen our beliefs. Then we will be long lasting displays of God’s creation and way of thinking.

This response from cwv's son.


Frameworks and Foundations

The response to the worldview essay below is pretty much in agreement. It is necessary to the social structure to have a framework, says this writer. The foundation is the key. In the physical sense, buildings need solid support. With it, the upper structure stands firm. From this word picture we see evidence for the same needs in spiritual and cultural construction. The Bible offers such a solid base. Why? Because it is absolute truth. While it is agreed the mind will distort the Word, the Truth of it remains. Christians spend a lifetime building upon its foundation "that we as people should become as walking cathedrals, to show God's glory to the lost, working for the glory of the only true God."

The last quote was too beautiful to paraphrase. I hope the author wouldn't mind.


Another Perspective

Worldview is an extremely important word at Geneva College. I will even admit that it should be found in the vocabulary of any Christian. In this course, as has been the case with many other classes taken at this college, the concept of worldview is stressed repeatedly in readings and in lectures. However, I am starting to feel that we use this word too often while disregarding other, even more important ways of defining the concept. Take the words "system" or "framework" for example. These words really get to the heart of the significance of worldview, which I feel we don't hear often enough. Sometimes it seems to me that we are bombarded with examples of worldview, and study examples of worldview, without really understanding why.

Those two words, system and framework, help me understand why we are reading all of this. Thinking of a worldview as "the way we look at the world" is boring, obvious, and meaningless when it comes to improving our lives. Thinking of it as a system provides some insight. A worldview, like a system or framework, can be broken. If just one part of any system breaks down, the whole thing can quickly become useless. Think of an ecosystem where a main food source dies out, and the animals that normally ate that food source have nothing to eat anymore. Or a justice system where either the lawmakers, police, or judge fail to do their job, and the criminals are allowed to run free. A worldview system can be broken, when someone doesn't see reality clearly, and their whole way of interpreting things becomes skewed and useless. Now, I would like to say that no human can possibly have a perfectly consistent worldview. In fact, pretty much everyone is walking around with a severely distorted system. This doesn't mean that it is impossible to come close. As Christians, we should really have a very strong framework. There will be a few minor parts that need to be repaired in some cases, due to our fallen minds' inability to grasp some concepts. However, with the Bible, and only with the Bible, we have the major points of our worldview handed to us on a silver platter. God has been kind enough to tell us all the answers we need to keep us sane and our system intact, and that is what I believe should be emphasized above all else at Geneva.

This humanities course has, so far, done a better job of emphasizing that point. However, in our reading so far, I have still noticed far too much writing about worldviews, without making the point of why we are reading about worldviews. In James Olthuis's article, he briefly touches on worldview as a framework, but he does not make a strong point concerning the broken-ness of that worldview for most people. We see that worldview is shaped by experience, but he never warns that it should not be shaped too much by experience, thereby distorting the only true framework we have: The Bible. I felt that Wolter's article on structure and direction was much more helpful. He seemed to be making a good point with his definition of direction, but he was still too lengthy and vague overall. Is it really that hard to explain to us that our worldview is a framework, and without the Bible, that framework is broken? That is the point that is not being made strongly enough in this course, so far.

Posted with permission from the author, my son. Responses will be paraphrased from this discussion essay in the following posts, as I don't have the other students' consent.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Constitution Week Wrap-Up

The thing is, there is a motive to all this, “Our Founders were Christians!” I wouldn’t doubt there is an equally strong motive for denying this truth. It wouldn’t matter if these men were godly or gorillas, if it were not for intentions and from where those intentions derived! The more Christian they were, the more radically Christian were their ideas! How’s that for a no brainer? An example or two: Jefferson and Franklin, it seems confirmed, were fringe Christians. Although they had much to offer, when it came down to constitution and government development, Jefferson especially, was not on the same page. He returned from enlightened Europe with some worldview distortions!

Something that is not taught in much worldview curriculum is that when one point in your system is off…your outlook on much of life (or death) becomes distorted. This is my son’s contention, whose discussion essay I will be sharing in the future.
John Pettigrew argues here that the Christian Left and Right have equally right and wrong political views. (The comments) I am saying, a Christian cannot hold the Christian worldview and continue to lean left! What I mean is, the U.S. Constitution was written by Christian worldview purists. (They were against slavery but played politics with it so that said, let’s not go there.) Our government was developed from a Christian worldview! Obviously, there was room for disagreement, and still is. As Nancy Pearcey explained, in developing the worldview concept, there is an umbrella under which many ideas fit, all within the limits of a worldview. But as the metaphor developed, she changed it to a tent, with walls! There are political agendas that do not fit under the Big Top!

Thus, my response to John: Limited government, limited taxation, war as a means of defense and protection (justified), and laissez-faire are all totally Biblical. The Left would have oppressive rule in the name of equality and clean air at the expense of the capitalist success story. Iron fist human rights!

God clearly set His people free in order to tame the earth, cultivate it, and build a big, smoky steel mill in Pittsburgh to provide for the betterment of living. Free will was God’s choice for us. He set us free to establish His Kingdom. The part many Christians miss is the restoration to an easier lifestyle with which to enjoy God’s beautiful creation! We are mandated to work toward the New Earth. If environmental radicals existed during the Industrial Revolution, we would be picking apples from Johnny’s trees to survive!

The precarious balance between production and conservation is one of those give and take issues within the tent. All of life is about balance…do I care for my front yard garden or do I stop and care for my family, or do I worry about my fellow man for an hour on my blog?
Caring for the poor? Personal responsibility. Holding onto biblical family structure, personal as well. Societal breakdown of the Bible’s precepts of the institution of marriage moves into law and therefore governmental protection for the sake of that society. War? Is defense and protection of a nation in order when an organized mindset would sooner lop off heads (which isn’t really “lopping” at all!) and run airplanes into buildings and bomb subways at peak activity time just because ideologies collide? WE WERE ATTACKED. Western civilization based in Judeo-Christian principles is under attack. U.S. and her allies are not striking randomly at Zimbabwe and Ireland, Brazil or Taiwan! Iraq is not a random strategy! If you want to say we’re off by a bit, fine! But the targets on either side would have been direct hits, I’ll wager. Terrorist strategy is born of Middle Eastern Mohammedism. Next subject?
Will government under Jesus be communism? Will God change His free-will approach to humanity? Seems unlikely but suppose He did. At that point, His children will be able to trust Him completely. If He takes my money to give to the widow and orphan down the street, okay! If He chooses my occupation for me, okay too! Is there a man driven government that can do these things and be trusted? No, and our Constitution was developed with this in mind.

The fundamental Christian worldview Truth is the depravity of man. Our Founders knew that neither the mob, nor the government could ever be trusted in this Age. God rules. God governs with firmness, yet a free rein of choice and personal responsibility remains. Imagine we are forced into the Left’s utopia of a very green commune. Where’s the accountability in that? Can we be sanctified when it is by force? Our all-knowing God sees that we cannot. God’s creatures would never know the joy of freely giving, creating, surrendering to His will. Oppression, be it by the theft of property, overdue taxation, redistribution of wealth, stifling of free expression or worship, (the ways are innumerable) goes against a God of freedom; it steals the joy of giving, cultivating, creating, worship, and the spreading of His Gospel. Commanded by our Lord and left to our own devices, we are to serve Him with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. That cannot happen under a heavy-handed government, Christian led or not. And for all you Bush-bashing liberals, I will throw you a bone. I’m not sure our president or legislature knows that. Surely the courts do not!

Amendment VIII: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
Amendment IX: The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
Amendment X: The powers not delegated to the United Stated by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Rick Green from Texas!

History for mommies, daddies, and other true Americans...
Rick Green was an inspiring voice to start off this historic Constitution Week! From Wallbuilders, this former Texas state representative was speaking locally on our form of government and its beginnings…our godly heritage.
One intriguing point was raised after Mr. Green’s talk (which, by the way, so closely resembles David Barton’s pace, I decided the world could be accused of having two of the same man!) The schools have, for at least forty years, been teaching economic reasons for the American Revolution. Everybody knows about the Stamp Act and the Boston Tea Party! Taxation without representation! Did I ever mention just his past 4th of July, my sons and friends were mocking the absurdity during the fireworks? Public school and homeschooled alike, it was amazing that they had the insight to recognize the misfit with reality, the chink in the armor of the new altered history. Why would they risk everything for an unfair tax or two?! No, Rick Green contends, there were deep moral issues in the balance, many of which were enumerated in the Declaration.
What is missing even there is the clarity of the religious oppressions. Previous to the Great Awakening, Charles II, in 1682, was warned that “the preachers were preaching freedom” and his advisors suggested regulation of colonial churches in Massachusetts or a complete changeover to Episcopal priests! The decree went thus: Allow Episcopal clergy to form churches---or relinquish their Charter.
The colonists, under Increase Mather, were convinced 'twould be a sin to surrender their God given inheritance! Providence would have it that Charles II died the exact day Mather spent in prayer and fasting. It wasn’t over, though. James II sent Sir Edmund Andros, realizing that a strike at the resistance would be most effective if directed at their religion. One of Andros’s first attempts was to officially order that Episcopal services be held in the Old South Meetinghouse. (Peter Marshall, David Manuel; The Light and the Glory; pp258-9)
By now, it was engrained in their hearts and in our history, to submit to England would mean a spiral fall into the grips of religious oppression from whence they had been delivered! Do you think there was collective memory loss when King George III began playing games in the 1760’s? Actually, the Great Awakening had kept freedom’s flames kindled and the Word alive.
George Whitefield (quoted in Marshall, Manuel; p. 249) said, “The reason why congregations have been so dead is because they had dead men preaching to them. How can dead men beget living children?” ouch!
Sparks flew as the “city upon a hill” was ignited throughout with renewed covenant to advance God’s Kingdom. It is also mentioned in The Light and the Glory, a theme that wove through the colonies at this time was the Christian aspect of living in active “
service to the common good”! (p. 252)
In another thirty years, this inspiration would be the rocket booster only in need of a Light from the Sons of Liberty! These people were ready to fly on the wings of an eagle! Oh, and what happened to Sir Andros? He was lowered to the spectacle of escaping in women’s clothing. Double ouch!
Rick Green talked about the recently passed legislation to ensure the teachings of our founding documents in our schools on Constitution Day, September 17th or during Constitution Week through the 23rd. As he said, just exposing our kids to the original writing will allow them to discover what they say. It wouldn’t hurt to check it out. Wallbuilders is working on a curriculum for the occasion. That’s exciting! Inaccuracies run rampant through school curriculum and texts. Let’s be sure the door is open to only invited guests: our distinguished Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.

“Finally ye…whose power it is to save or destroy your country, consider well the
important trust…which God…has put into your hands. To God and posterity, you are
accountable for them…Let not your children have reason to curse you for giving
up those rights, and prostrating those institutions which your fathers delivered
to you.” ~Rev. Matthias Burnett, 1802 (quoted in Is America One Nation Under God? By Rick Green)

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Back to Iraq

A while ago, I mentioned my friend's son in a comment, asking for prayer. He was hit by a IED in Iraq near the end of August. He is now home and recovering for one month before returning for duty. Thank you for your prayers if you saw the comment. If not, it's not too late. He has much healing to do, with the help of the Great Physician. All his buddies could use a word or two in your prayers. The driver has head injuries.

I hope he doesn't mind that I share some pics that I got in an email. He is the gunner. Sweet mercy, it brings it home. Thank you all for your brave service.



“Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor His ear too dull to hear; But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear.”
~Isaiah 59:1,2

As innocent as Eve appeared, gullible and naïve, her sin and Adam’s weakness in bending to Eve’s persuasion cannot be diminished. When someone apologizes for a pain they caused you, intense pain, lasting pain…when they say they didn’t mean to hurt you, does that wipe out the wrongdoing and suffering? Intentions can make a difference. After all, deliberate cruelty is devastating. But think about the more common trespass. “I didn’t mean it.” “It was an accident.” “I was stupid.” There has still been a severing in your relationship with this person because the hurt is still real and there is an awareness of careless, thoughtless, maybe even self-centered behavior. The lack of consideration and reckless handling of where you were, who you are, your feelings and desires may not break the bond but there is often a serious fraying.

Yes, every one of us has caused someone pain due to our mistakes, and thus, we are able to forgive. We have understanding of human failures because of our own. Going back to the sin idea, failure to consider the other person as if they were us is a sin. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We seldom “forget” to care for ourselves. Maybe an occasional lunch or a few hours of sleep is denied and no doubt that is sin too! The worse failure is, we do forget the other guy.

Eve forgot God; Adam forgot God in that one moment. Chomping into the fruit…they completely disregarded God, who could very well have been standing there watching! They were not mindful of what God had said. There was a lack of respect for their Creator. They blew it! How sad…we are sympathetic…but it makes no difference to God how we sin---maliciously, angrily, stupidly, recklessly, innocently. We hurt Him all the same. The result is always separation from the Creator, painfully real.

Dr. Kennedy’s sermon this morning was astonishingly pertinent. He said 99.9% of our sins go by unnoticed by us. (That sounds about right.) He finished by asking, in so many words, “What will you do with your sins? There are only two choices. Carry them with you to your grave and on into eternal separation from God, the natural consequence? Or will you put them on the Cross of Christ for Jesus to suffer the separation for you?” Thankfully, I thought, I don’t have to actually ask Jesus to suffer as He did…who could do it? “No, that’s okay Jesus, I’ll take them myself,” we would want to say. But no, Jesus’ work is finished! He did it without our asking and now all that is left is to accept God’s offering to take those visible and invisible sins, intentional and unintentional, to Jesus’ grave instead of yours. Hallelujah!

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Let Us Resolve

Happy Constitution Day! This is our anniversary; the longest surviving constitution in the world has its birthday today! There are no celebrations but in the quiet hearts of men and women who remember. Thanks to our own Tribune-Review, I am reminded.

Constitution Week: sounds like a good time to get back to History for Mommies! As a kickoff, I share with my faithful few fans this Trib editorial and share a few thoughts from an interview by Bill Steigerwald (in the same issue) of author and Duquesne University (my alma mater) law professor Ken Gormley. The point of the U. S. Constitution was and is to scatter the powers that be. It wasn't just to escape aristocratic monarchy but also it was a protection of the people, from the people! The miraculous document was to never be subject to popularity (polls), popular issues (trends), or popular politics (groupism). The Constitution was built as a rock upon the Rock solid Biblical Law--if that is just way too scarey for you secularists, it is often called Natural Law but they are one and the same. God has never bent to the whims of popularity (unlike some churches) and neither should our country's foundational document! As Prof. Gormley explains, "It applies to everyone, and everyone gets to use it in the same way, whether you are poor or are the best lawyer in the state." I add,...whether you are republican or democrat.

We have been watching the politicization of the judicial nominee hearings. Chief Justice nominee, John Roberts, in all of his brilliance, has clearly told the world, it's not about you and your politics. It's not about his either. It's about the untouchable Law. Hands off!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


A CommonThread

U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, speaking on the morning radio show found at on Sept. 9 (see show archives), revealed some trinkets from his book, It Takes a Family. One idea in particular was the obligation and responsibility of free citizens to serve the common good. I am told the connotations of those two words can send shivers up spines because of the communist/totalitarian mandate to serve the State's "common good". I suppose this is why Christians are so terrifying to those in the dark?! Common good is the Christian pledge and could certainly be misunderstood! More on this but continuing in my morning...

Later, I had the honor of listening to an open forum at Geneva College with Nancy Pearcey (Total Truth author) leading. Social contract theory was introduced in opposition to covenant relationship. The difference? Nancy explained, the contract is an autonomously made agreement of exchange. It is about sharing goods and services. Covenant, learned from the Trinity and Biblical institutions, is a commitment of self so that at least part of your identity is absorbed into the relationship.

I started to recognize a common thread between the two thinkers. Sen. Santorum had also been talking about selfless caring and responsibility to community. What if, in a free society, everyone is out for himself (h-hmm), the autonomous nature of social contract? Where does this leave society? A frigidly cold, chaotic and often harmful existence!

In my own words, there needs to be some give: Selfless covenant-making. Commitment to a purpose. Under totalitarian rule, this purpose would be the State and the obligation forced. In a free Christian society, the social structures are held together by covenant. The purpose permeating society is God's divine plan to redeem the earth; to make it a better place. It is self-motivated because of the understanding of Biblical relationship. People freely choose to selflessly care for family, church, community and nation. Libertarians take heed. The Christian component is crucial. Even non-believers are taught a Christian worldview in a Christian society--knowing right and wrong, without believing the faith. Clearly, it is for the common good. Force is never an issue. The covenant is not coerced; citizens only need to have an understanding of their purpose...covenant relationship. The Triune God is our example and guide.

Marriage is not an exchange of goods and services, as Mrs. Pearcey explained--it is selfless obligation to the purpose and common cause. What cause? The good of the family, be it rearing the children in God's precepts, uniting in effort to redeem the earth and spread the gospel, or for the non-Christian, simply promoting strong values, right and wrong based on Judeo-Christian teaching. Making each other happy? A nice outcome of working together for Good.

Joining the church is not an exchange of goods and services either. It is not a social contract. The relationship in a covenant pledge is likened to a living organism, operating as one being under the Head of Jesus Christ. We know the verses well about the importance of each part of the body, down to the little toe! Every part is essential to the Body's functioning--because of the selfless clinging to the Church's purpose and the variety of gifts (in secular language, that's diversity)

Jumping up the chain, the first settlers to America pledged themselves in the Mayflower Compact to exactly this sort of covenant union. Federal means covenant. The pilgrims were committed to the new world, a new government, a common cause, under God.

As Sen. Santorum said, e pluribus unum is being tossed out under the myth of diversity. Out of many, one. A divided country will not stand. From our diverse backgrounds, let us all be joined as families, churches, communities and a godly nation.

If you missed it, what will the common cause be? Me? The State? (shiver) or God's goodness?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Faithful and True?

John H. White, president-emeritus at Geneva College was one of a three-man panel expounding on the Christian college situation in the U.S. in this cutting edge article in World Magazine. There is a great reference to Nancy Pearcey's book, Total Truth, in which the roots of the culture and education problems are discussed.

Pittsburghers, don't forget, Nancy will be speaking at Geneva tomorrow night at 7 p.m. in the John H. White chapel, Old Main. I wouldn't miss it for the world! The Christian worldview and the dualism that has split it need to be hashed out among Christian leaders and followers alike...Ms. Pearcey's message is for every member of the Church and anyone concerned about the cultural/educational breakdown.

Excellent thoughts are also presented in the article from Al Mohler, president, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Samuel T. Logan, former president and now chancellor of Westminster Theological Seminary. I hope the outlook is as bright as they make it.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


God v Cthulhu

Hebrews 12:7-11 “It is for discipline that you have to endure. God is treating you as sons. For what son is there whom his father does not discipline? If you are left without discipline, in which all have participated, then you are illegitimate children and not sons. Besides this, we have had earthly fathers who disciplined us and we respected them. Shall we not much more be subject to the Father of spirits and live? For they disciplined us for a short time, as it seemed best to them, but He disciplines us for our good, that we may share His holiness. For the moment, all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”

Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary, 1995, defines wrath:
“The personal manifestation of God’s holy, moral character in judgment against sin. Wrath is neither an impersonal process nor irrational and fitful like anger. It is in no way vindictive or malicious. It is holy indignation—God’s anger directed against sin. God’s wrath is an expression of His holy love. If God is not a God of wrath, His love is no more than frail, worthless sentimentality; the concept of mercy is meaningless, and the Cross was a cruel and unnecessary experience for His Son.”
[All people are] “by nature, children of wrath”. ~Ephesians 2:3

“The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” ~Romans 1:18

There is a fine, invisible line for the sufferer, between God sending wrath and God allowing “bad things to happen”! When a Christian denies God’s judgment as real, and denies the purpose behind tragedy (correction, turning, or refining), the world we are left with is random, meaningless events under a weak and not so holy God. The unseen history in the heavenly realm, revealed to man rarely, brings a whole new light to affliction and disaster.

The seen history is amazing enough. Pastors, who personally witnessed the heathen, in-God’s-face celebration of sin called Southern Decadence, actually wrote, called and literally begged the mayor of New Orleans not to allow it this year. But money, a tremendous amount brought in by the attraction, screamed louder in the leader’s mind and he chose to ignore the cry of the godly. What sort of battle was occurring in the heavenlies? It must have been fierce. We don’t know. Was there a shortage of prayer warriors? Was the Cthulhu of New Orleans, Satan, holding onto his domain by a thread or was it an easy win? The evidence only reveals to us a victory in the scheduled festival for Aug. 31-Sept. 5.

“Stuff happens” leaves me cold with the feeble words raging in my soul. God is all-powerful—much bigger than Satan, which isn’t to portray evil as small. God could have stopped Katrina in a heartbeat. Another visible evidence of the spiritual warfare was the amazing wobble sending the category 5 storm into an easterly spin and a dramatic downsizing before hitting the U.S. This is much like the saving grace that spared the Florida Keys last year. Prayers are always a factor. Believe it or not, it was going to be worse! There is a reason why Christians cannot easily find fault—we only have the seen circumstances. Humbly, I am writing this essay as a revelation of God’s character. God is in complete control. Omniscient-omnipotent-omnipresent! God calls people to Himself in natural disasters. If we believe in the final Judgment Day when there will be no second chances, then why can’t we see God’s mercy in life’s traumas? Better an angry God do all He can to get our attention to hand out the second chances while the getting’s good. To say God doesn’t punish us (and I mean we all are deserving!) in this lifetime is to envision an endearing, loving daddy who suddenly one day up and rejects his children because they had been bad and ignored his kind reminders! This is not love at all. Love, real love, is tough. There is purpose and God’s Hand is in everything…the beauty…the fierce…design…history…hurricanes. God never lets go. He doesn’t waste terrible times. To say He had nothing to do with it…mm, that’s terrifying. My God is strong, Almighty King, Holy, Just…Merciful Father Who draws up to Heaven all of His children. He loves you.

As Edith Schaeffer wrote in Affliction, when we see Him face to face, all else will fade; our troubles will be put in perspective as we look into eternity. We will see clearly when our truth is balanced with both histories, seen and unseen, rather than “through a glass, darkly.” Job’s happy ending, when his prosperity was doubled, is a glimpse of our Eternal glory. Now, instead of questioning God, shall we pray to the One who saves?

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Samaritan's Purse

There will remain in the sidebar a quick access to Samaritan's Purse for Hurricane Katrina relief effort donations. There was a report on Fox today that the second most asked for item after food is the Bible. God will find a way.

Another interesting revelation was the Southern Decadence happening that was scheduled in New Orleans this week. God's timing is interesting. There is a sadness in it all. I don't write these things as judgment from Christians...but as a translation of how I perceive God's patience run out! He never said He would wait forever. The Almighty will receive his children when they turn from their sins to Him and confess with their lips, Jesus Christ is Lord, raised from the dead, Savior of every one.

The evil white man must also admit to the tragic results of the nanny state. The Great Society has become the Lost Society, helpless, and in some cases lawless, in every way. If government promised to take care of its people, as it did when it took on the multi-trillion dollar task of supplying and housing them, then where were the buses to get those poor people out of there? The state will never replace God as our protector and caregiver, Savior and friend, loving Father, Holy guide in every choice we make. His powerful Name ever be praised! The Name above all names. Amen.

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