Monday, March 27, 2006


Isaiah 53

“And when we shall see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him,” Isaiah writes without a hint of evidence that this man of whom he speaks will walk this earth hundreds of years hence. Jesus was not going to be star quality by human standards. “He is despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” Hah, that could be anybody! Who isn’t acquainted with grief! Well, true, we have tasted of His cup. But show me the person who fits the description, the Incarnation of Love who drank the entire bitter rejection of men, so alone and betrayed, for Isaiah continues, “We hid as it were our faces from Him’ He was despised and we esteemed Him not.”

“Surely He hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we did esteem Him stricken of God, and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions; He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him (the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, NIV); and with His stripes we are healed.” To whom are these words most clear? Is it not the “we” Isaiah is writing to?” You and me, oh Israel, are going to hide our faced from Him our dear Savior, Messiah!”

As Mrs. Schaeffer explains, these words are timeless and vivid for a people who understood sacrifice for the atonement of their sins. Whether living contemporaries of Isaiah who knew the Promise of a coming Messiah, or those who looked upon His “stripes” and were struck with remembrance of Isaiah 53, or whether you are of Jewish tradition and have read for the first time of how Jesus Christ died on a cross in flawless portrayal of Isaiah’s prophecy, the message is miraculously poignant. Messiah loves us this much and wants me, and wants you to be healed.

But go on, Mrs. Schaeffer implores: “All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned every one to his own way;" (Who can deny it? So many have wandered to precarious places, unawares.) "...and the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all." (Jew and Gentile) John, on whom Jesus showed favor, wrote, “I am the Good Shepherd: the Good Shepherd giveth His life for the sheep.” ~Jesus, quoted in John 10

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Isaiah's Prophecy

“Who hath believed the report?” The questions of all time won’t die, “To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?” Some still ask, “Why don’t I get it?”, as they always have and will continue until the absolute revelation of Jesus Christ becomes the undeniable reality. I know the questions because I asked them too. These are the ultimate questions of human existence. And when you’re on the outside, lookin’ in, they feel unanswerable. I remember thinking, “I’ll never understand this. It’s too weird.” Some of it is the emotional content. My family and I don’t attend the charismatic, “holy roller”, hand-clapping worship services, close and convenient to home, because of the “left out” feeling it holds for the quiet and reserved. But the real question isn’t “Who has shouted?” It is, “Who has believed the report?” It is all a matter of reading and believing. Most often, the belief would come first so that a person’s curiosity allows him to read with a ravenous hunger. Here, in Christianity Is Jewish, reading is placed in the sentence first. This is my fascination…reading, minus belief, is an option and a good one at that! As I read apologists like the Schaeffers, Lee Strobel, or Dr. Kennedy, I am utterly convinced, reading does lead to believing. I’m talking about the irrefutable fulfillment of the many, many Biblical prophecies in history, and the promises (prophecies) Christians are standing on because God has shown that He is good to His Word. There are evidences in archeology, secular historical writing, analysis of countless writers of faith and cross examination from the opposition, but let us dwell on the self-fulfilling evidence within the Bible. As Dr. Kennedy emphatically declares, “For those who are honest seekers after the truth there is abundant evidence.” (Why I Believe; p.116) “One of the purposes for God’s giving the Old Testament to the Jewish people was to be able to identify the Messiah when He came from among them. Prophecies are usually vague by nature; not the ones in the Word of God.” (p. 121) An unbeliever, right now, somewhere is saying, “I have honestly sought after truth and I don’t get it.”

“To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?” “Ah! To any who will listen with ears and minds,” dear Mrs. Schaeffer replies. (Sometimes I just wanna call her Mom!) “To any who will read with eyes and an ordinary understanding of words and grammar.”

She continues on the subject of Isaiah, “Forget that which men have said as they have taken the scissors of their unbelieving minds and have slashed out the supernatural parts of the Bible, letting them fall to the floor or in the fireplace, leaving a shorn bit of lacy scrap to piece together in the bizarre combinations [that] their own minds imagine to make more sense.” (Christianity Is Jewish; p. 92) Fitting it into the easier mythology/fable category isn’t a fair reading. Isaiah had a few words to put down on the paper of time, 700 years before Christ.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Thoughts From Generation Y

"Evolutionist Christians might as well believe in Hitler’s Nazi State." Both objects of faith are ultimately men. People who make God into whomever they want—mold Him to fit their pre-conceived notions as in, “My God wouldn’t do that!” are humanists. Hitler could make up the rules as he went along as do evolutionist Christians. They force God into a box called naturalism or science. Their statement of faith would go something like, “Science has proven adaptation, natural selection, mutation and the carbon dating support of a billion year old planet earth. Therefore, that is how God did it! God used natural processes which of course, He created!” The invaluable question arises in my eldest son’s mind, “What is the point in believing in God?” Nature is your God. Science is your mode of worship. No? Then why is it you disregard all those kooky stories of any grand proportion and categorize them as myth? Or explain them in scientific terms. What if natural phenomenon went out the window? What if God is bigger than science? What if the Bible means exactly what it says? But okay, let’s just stay within the parameters of science. The second Law of Thermodynamics? Entropy. Does data show decline or is Earth’s evolving toward Utopia the overriding observation? I’ve never figured how the two can both be true and since one is law and one ain’t,…well, that’s about all my poor artistic brain can handle! One convenient answer I have received, the way I understand it, “We are evolving but not necessarily for the better!” That would fit reality if the sentence were not self-contradicting. Evolution as defined in the Webster’s New World Dictionary: Second College Edition, “an unfolding, opening out, or working out; process of development, as from a simple to a complex form, or of gradual, progressive change…” Also, evolution in Biology, “the development (as opposed to degeneration) of a species, organism, or organ from its original or primitive state to its present or specialized state.” Evolution theory claims the power of progress. The root evolve [evolvere in Latin, to roll out or forth] is a forward motion, NOT backward. If Christian evolutionists wish to redefine words rather than use different words, another new dictionary will be in order…isn’t that how it’s done? Revise, rewrite, lie to preserve your truth.

So it would seem we have created a pointless religion. Not completely pointless. Humans have found a way to make themselves feel better. Therapeutic Christianity: God loves you; He forgives you; He listens and he understands. He wants us to all love each other and be one big happy world! Peace! With God and evolution on your side…you are on your way! To quote our eldest again, “That’s easy to believe. Wish it were that easy…anybody could believe!” You know, like clapping for Tinkerbell. No demands, like serve Him; no strings, like obey Him; no wrath, like judgment; no stumbling blocks, like Christ, the One Way to the Father…and naturally, no supernatural feats cause “My God wouldn’t, couldn't, shouldn't DO THAT!” Or is it that you wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't BELIEVE THAT?"

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Christian Freedom, Part 2

Christians know that men are inherently bad and MUST BE GOVERNED. Libertarians believe men are inherently good and don’t need to be governed! So why the tentative alliance? Conservative Christians drew the line a long time ago and the Left has been crossing it over and over again. Thus, I quote A Christian Manifesto by Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer:

“…With the prevalence of Marxist thinking—especially with the attempted synthesis of Marxism and Christianity in certain forms of liberation theology—[civil disobedience] could become a Marxist and terrorist tool to bring anarchy. Or in a similar vein, it could become a tool to impose by force the humanist world view resulting in the loss of humanness (man’s reliance on God for Truth and his freedom of choice, my words) and in some form of authoritarianism.

“Much of liberation theology is built on the concept of Man being basically good, linked with the idea that all people need is to be released from their economic chains. This is utopian, because Man is not basically good (bound only by social, economic, and political chains, Schaeffer’s words). Man is fallen. The Perfectibility of Man was the basis of much of the Enlightenment and of the French Revolution. Theoretically it was a basis of the Marxist-Lenin revolution in Russia. Each place this concept of the Perfectibility of Man has been acted on it has led to tragedy, to political chains, and to the loss of humanness (freedom, mine) (footnoted, How Should We Then Live?, chpt. 6) Every attempt to put this utopian concept into practice has led to failure because it is false to what Man as he now is, really is. Man is not intrinsically unselfish, corrupted only by outward circumstances. He is fallen; he is not what he was created to be.

“Even if some in this general stream of thought do not go as far as to be infiltrated by Marxism and the concept of the Perfectibility of Man, there is still the danger of confusing the Kingdom of God with the socialistic program.”

Sheer brilliance, published originally in 1981 when most of us didn’t get it. Schaeffer doesn’t dwell on this in A Christian Manifesto, nor do any Christian authors really delve into it; at least Dr. Schaeffer said it. The Religious Left (the term as heard on Quinn) is a protected class among Christians. I have no idea why. Personally, they should be the FIRST to go. I’m talking a war of words. What have we with which to reach the lost? One dreadfully broken Church in a divided culture, with two entirely different world views. “Christ and the Cross”, will come the resounding answer. Problem is, that answer is wrong. What purpose has a Cross without a Fall? At least half the Church believes man can save himself through socialistic measures, that men are not truly fallen. The crux of Christian living is surrender to GOD, not GOVERNMENT!

“Jesus said,’You are truly My disciples if you live as I tell you to, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” ~John 8:31,32

Freedom, in other words, can be defined as self-governing. Anarchy is never freedom. In a self-governing society, under God, honesty, sincerity, love and compassion deriving from relationship with God and men in an open and free republic is the source of strength. Freedom is NOT the source of power. Ditch the religion = Ditch the strength.

Just a note: I won't be able to check comments this week but I can't wait till I get back to you all!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Christian Freedom, Part 1

God never promoted forced entry into His Kingdom (tyranny) but He has asked for obedience—not anarchy. Relationship with God is to be found under God’s Law. Samuel Rutherford understood and wrote about the concept of men under God’s law in Lex Rex. During a time when Rex Lex was the the accepted rule of the day, “The King is law”, Samuel Rutherford, a Scottish minister of the 17th century, proposed Lex Rex, Law is King, as a new way of thinking about the government and the governed. The Founders (here I go on my antiquated way), one century later, fueled the idea into a United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Many of them spoke of a self-governing, responsible population educated on the Word of God. Here is a picture I haven’t forgotten straight out of Wallbuilders.


The Governed


All would submit themselves to the Law of God (more later on what laws that entails), and the three-branched government would be in complete servitude to the people, enforcing God’s law and protecting the citizenry from uncivil behaviors…more later on what behaviors that entails!

Two defenses, before you start firing. Those of you who see legislated morality as an intrusion on your freedom really should take a look at what we once were. Should we go “backwards” depends on what your idea of backwards is. To recapture morality would be a step forward toward our original freedoms to live in a safe, civil society. Secondly, if you are of the anything-but-Christian persuasion, this theocratic set up is not what you might think. Christianity is the very source of freedom; therefore to put God’s Law at the top of the ladder is a gift of governmental tolerance: FREEDOM OF RELIGION or lack thereof. The laws inflicted on society would have to do with protection and civility. Even those who do not honor God can behave as if they do, for the sake of the common good and a predominantly God honoring society. And your problem with this is? While discussing the diversity of cultures and governments, Calvin writes in his Institutes of the Christian Religion, “Yet we see how, with such diversity, all laws tend to the same end. For together with one voice, they pronounce punishment against those crimes which God’s eternal law has condemned, namely, murder, theft, adultery and false witness.” (IV:xx:16) Okay, now, based on your leanings, you can say it, DREAMER! Or, ARE YOU CRAZY? ADULTERY?

Commandments six through nine is all Calvin is referring to. (#10 is the envy which often motivates the above breaches) #1-5 are what would ideally prevent all offenses against humanity because they command loyal relationship with God, but to keep relationship with God can ONLY be a matter of conscience…it cannot be forced.

Christianity as the means by which we live free is rarely understood and is only spoken of in private circles or at Coral Ridge Ministries! It would be an encouragement to hear of other places where Biblical Freedom is discussed. God gave choice to His created mankind because He has no desire to be a tyrant. Tyrants are lonely and unable to trust…fearing betrayal from even the closest friend. God has always desired relationship with mankind. The interference of tyranny in God’s attempt to establish covenant cannot be denied. Under human oppression and force, men will be dissuaded from granting God’s desire for sincere honor and praise.

God and men, loving and trusting one another, men obeying with hearts for Him…this must be a happening within the scope of human freedom. A family is taxed heavily for the benefit of the welfare system. Did that family give willingly? Does that count for charitable contributions since they have precious little left for church and favorite charities? Hate speech is the object of neighbor spying on neighbor on campuses across America, and will be punished! The obedient student is obeying whom? An industrial complex is denied productivity because of smoky chimneys. Have they changed their behavior because they love God’s good Earth or because they wanted to keep making money? Your child buys a McDonald’s hamburger and is penalized because he is fat and broke the law (this one is still in development). Your daughter didn’t wear her seatbelt and has been fined. Our children will make choices about their bodies because they are God’s temples or because the police might catch them? Admit a woman or black to your school because they are qualified and you desire their education or government quotas have forced you. Force denies choice, not to mention right choice. The unlikely partnership of Christians and Libertarians arises from this undeniable fact.

One interesting little tidbit about human law is the blatant protection of al-Qaida’s right to privacy amidst a couple of “bad choices” against the West while we condemn those same freedoms with such atrocities as “Hate Speech hotline” and political speech watchdogs in conservative churches. But heaven forbid a student should tape his America-hating teacher! PUBLIC teachers had better get used to it! For those with muddled brains, the difference is the danger to society and our freedoms. The teacher is indoctrinating our children with treasonous ideas. And in case you missed it, al-Qaida wants us dead.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Help Those Who Help Themselves

The approach toward helping is a point of conflict between free republics and socialist concentrated government, between the U.S. and the U.N., between the Right and the Left. Although the United States is the most generous contributor to the world’s downtrodden, because she can, the reigning plan of attack on poverty and oppression would be to expand the reach of freedom so that men can be what men were meant to be…workers, protectors, and providers for their own. This might involve education and means for upstart enterprise, never simply hand to mouth sustenance. This approach is about raising up from the global gutter those who want to just do it!

I speculate the anti-America left don’t care for U.S.’s high and mighty parental position…teaching responsibility, much like they despise the wealth of corporate power. Rather than work toward giving Third World countries opportunities to develop (cause that’s meddling), the putrid thick resentment would sooner see wealth and those who hold the key to it, crushed under global wealth redistribution and control. Bring ‘em down. Bring ‘em all down! Whoops, where’s the wealth? George Soros, call your office. This would explain why the left and terrorists act as if they have allied. Please, tell me I'm wrong. But answer me this, why does the rage against that unfair U.S., corporate America and all her little “Eichmans” under the Hitler terrorist Bush persist. Equalization of all humanity, whatever it takes…and takes…and takes. Pardon me while I answer my own questions.

But God created us equal. End of story. God also created us free…you know, free will? The biblical worldview encourages self-sustaining independence and responsibility. In the series on the remnant, the examples of obedience were astonishing. That is what responsibility means, making choices and facing consequences.

“Now, therefore, fear the Lord, SERVE HIM in SINCERITY (a decision) and in truth…CHOOSE for yourselves this day whom you will serve. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” ~Joshua 24:14, 15
“MAKE EVERY EFFORT (more decisions) to be found spotless, blameless, and at peace with Him.” ~2Peter 3:14

Men will not remain equal past birth because men are all so very different in personality and experience. It truly becomes a matter of choice and circumstances. The equality AT BIRTH is the sameness of human nature in pursuit of happiness, given God’s blessings of life and liberty. We all want to be happy!

Given the variety and inequality of cultures in this pursuit, how do the idealistic left and their beloved U.N. propose to equalize all cultures and countries? By ripping at the most economically and industrially/technologically ADVANCED, “in all fairness”. Yes, I suppose the mama U.S. and papa Western Civilization have done their fair share of meddling but look who’s calling the kettle black!

In all honesty, what do the America-haters expect? Appeasing the left is like giving in to your teenager when she AGAIN asks for money. She’s only going to keep asking and you know it! In the same way a terrorist won’t be tamed with compromise, the enemy within, and without, is consumed with attaining the demise of the original one nation under God. …To be continued…for sure.

BTW, John asked why I want to hang on to the old fogy ideas this country was founded on. Why not take from it the best and move on, was the question. Well, actually it would BE THE BEST I am desperately hanging on to and will, to my dying breath! It IS THE BEST that is being wrung out and trampled like an old rag by educators, judges, globalists, lawmakers, and the MSM. How could I forget Hollywood! They’re in a class all their own, hey Mel?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Grand Theft Income

Ya know, I like the idea of tax money going into building a good solid Bible-based church on every street corner in America supplied with government paid pastors graduated strictly from Knox Theological Seminary, Wheaton College or Biola University…oh, okay, toss in Moody Bible Institute. Of course, frequent checks on the adequacy of conservative, constitution-based political teaching would be necessary to assure the responsible use of our tax dollars!

Got your attention? Therefore, why would I accept my fellow conservatives’ and my money being thrown into the welfare system, Planned Parenthood, education’s financial assistance and funding at all the left-wing universities and colleges across the country, public education with its ban on God, or the financing of the ACLU’s courtroom playground with its big bucks for every time the State is hit with their human “rights”, Christian-silencing agenda. Oh, and did I mention the funding of the United Nations and its likeness to feeding the lion before it kills us?

Yet every year, come April 15th, the Big Guns come knocking at my door to make sure we have paid up. John Keep-me-on-my-toes Pettigrew suggested that corporate taking and government taking are equal in a previous comment. Corporations do not use law enforcement to get what they want. Uh huh, we can vote out those nasty politicians and the alternative will likely be as bad or worse. While I am sitting here shaking my head in dismay at how we have gone this far from George Washington, Samuel Rutherford, and God’s Law, elaborated on so keenly by John Calvin and Martin Luther (among many arising out of the Reformation), I am even more aghast that so many of my fellow citizens don’t understand the horror of my second paragraph and are still shaking in their shoes about the first!

I have been rambling for days, on paper, as I search Calvin’s Institutes, Francis Schaeffer, and my Bible for some profound quote and backup for my worldview. The thoughts are random and never quite clear and concise enough. Oh, there is plenty to go on but I feel most inadequate, hardly an authority. Truly, it feels as if I am coming up against Satan himself. I have not gotten to the typing stage, much less “Publish Post”!

Might I ask for prayer from you as I seek God’s will? Thank you.

Saturday, March 04, 2006



Elijah’s cloak fell on Elisha, an inheritance of great power and responsibility. Naturally, a favorite highlight in the events of Elisha’s life is when Elisha’s servant is permitted to see the spiritual realm. I don’t want to ruin it for you who have not seen End of the Spear YET!! So I can only say, the parallel is striking! The fact that eyes can be opened by supernatural means is such a sweet morsel of…of life. To be stuck in a natural existence, Darwinian smallness, is to be in darkness…trying to see through a peephole__who God is. A god who works entirely through nature within natural boundaries is pathetic to the degree of pointlessness. Yes, I know God works through nature, and so much more.

Fear not, for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” (2 Kings 6:16)

See God’s army. Iraq’s soldiers fighting for freedom and the allies are not alone. Christians holed up in a prison of torment under a totalitarian regime are not alone. Politicians and judges/lawyers who are defending the God given rights of humanity are never alone. Every prayer sends another chariot of fire into battle. Pray without ceasing.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Training the Global Citizen

Anyone with an interest in education and the battle for our children's minds will draw some frightful conclusions from this article on the International Baccalaureate Program. As I wrote recently here, when an ACLU hotshot wants to take a school district to court over this, there has got to be an agenda there. Sure enough, Quinn, yesterday, dug up the dirt. One look at the contributors, if you follow conservative talk, will blow out your senses and sensibilities! By God, we have got to take back our sons and daughters. Even though this is old news, the curriculum is alive and well, and if it comes to a head in Upper St. Clair School District with yet another ACLU lawsuit, we will need to show our support to the school board and pray for their victory.
Christian, take a stand for the generations to come. Global citizens stand for nothing in particular, depending on which way the wind is blowing. If you don't know what this country stands for, it is high time you found out! Quinn's rant this morning was on the one person in one thousand who can actually recite the five rights of the First Amendment. Call me a hypocrite because I am not the one; I plan on becoming the second one. Do I hear three?

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